2019-10-04 18:09:02  ·  New bunch of tracks and yet another Kickstarter project!

Once again hello after a period of silence!

First off, there are a bunch of new releases this time so make sure to enjoy them.

Secondly, there's another Kickstarter project looming around. This time, it's Fastloaders who goes Amiga with a tripple-CD of hard-stompin' Amiga remixes. Examples of their work can be heard in the new submissions here. :)

Amiga Rocks includes tracks from Super Cars II, Shadow of the Beast, Unreal, Turrican, Castle Master, Ghouls n' Ghosts, Battle Squadron, Lost Patrol, Golden Axe, Final Fight, X-Out, Dogs of War, Lotus, Cannon Fodder, Hero Quest, Chuck Rock, LED Storm and many more! Make sure to check it out!

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Added Name Arranger Composer Size Duration Rating
2017-04-26 Apidya - Meadow's Edge (EXON 2017's REMIX) EXON Chris Hülsbeck 3.15 MB 02:45 All-time ranking: 800 | Score: 66% | Rating: Good
2017-04-26 Elf - Forest world [2017 Remix] EXON Matthew Cannon 4.06 MB 03:33 All-time ranking: 703 | Score: 69% | Rating: Very Good
2016-08-11 Turrican 2 - The wall [EXON Version] EXON Chris Hülsbeck 3.88 MB 03:24 All-time ranking: 393 | Score: 77% | Rating: Very Good
2016-08-11 Turrican 2 - The Desert Rocks [EXON Remake] EXON Chris Hülsbeck 8.40 MB 03:41 All-time ranking: 635 | Score: 70% | Rating: Very Good
2016-03-08 Hybris [2016 Remix] EXON Paul van der Valk 3.47 MB 03:02 All-time ranking: 658 | Score: 70% | Rating: Very Good
2016-03-08 Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Intro EXON Barry Leitch 3.65 MB 03:12 All-time ranking: 1139 | Score: 52% | Rating: Average
2015-05-02 Bubble Bobble - Theme Remix EXON David Whittaker 2.87 MB 02:31 All-time ranking: 701 | Score: 69% | Rating: Very Good
2015-05-02 Lotus III Theme EXON Patrick Phelan 2.45 MB 02:09 All-time ranking: 836 | Score: 65% | Rating: Good
2015-05-02 Lemmings Medley Remix EXON Tim Wright & Brian Johnston 3.45 MB 03:01 All-time ranking: 929 | Score: 62% | Rating: Good

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