2020-05-04 00:16:58  ·  Whoopsiedaisies...

Apparently, the codebase is SO old so that it didn't really cater for things the way it should. This means that the contact form has been non-workiing for ages... No good, since that means that everything you have sent to any arranger has not arrived but gotten stuck in the void of the database... :/

Sorry about this, but what it also leads to is the fact that I _REALLY_ must rewrite this now... Which is what I am doing! Expect changes in a hopefully not-too-distant future!

Any ideas and suggestions you have you can send to info@amigaremix.com and I'll take them into consideration. No promises that whatever you wish for will come true, though, but I'd love to hear your ideas. :)

// Ziphoid

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Added Name Arranger Composer Size Duration Rating
2016-02-08 Another World Ending Szudi Jean-Francois Freitas 4.26 MB 02:20 All-time ranking: 633 | Score: 71% | Rating: Very Good
2016-02-08 Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Szudi Barry Leitch 8.99 MB 04:55 All-time ranking: 572 | Score: 73% | Rating: Very Good
2012-12-17 B.A.T II - The Koshan Conspiracy [Szudi^Implexy RmX] Szudi Olivier Robin 6.99 MB 03:50 All-time ranking: 604 | Score: 72% | Rating: Very Good
2012-11-09 Odyssus Returns [Szudi^Implexy RMx] Szudi Michael / Anathema 8.78 MB 04:48 All-time ranking: 62 | Score: 90% | Rating: Outstanding
2011-11-03 Interference [Szudi^Implexy RMx] Szudi Virgill 7.94 MB 04:21 All-time ranking: 476 | Score: 76% | Rating: Very Good
2011-02-13 Ishar3 - AnThem-e [Szudi^Implexy RMx] Szudi Fabrice Hautecloque 3.38 MB 02:25 All-time ranking: 561 | Score: 73% | Rating: Very Good
2010-05-11 Ballada (Technological Death - endtune) Szudi XTD / Action Direct 4.62 MB 03:22 All-time ranking: 468 | Score: 76% | Rating: Very Good
2010-03-16 Cyberotica main tune Szudi Mathieu Berthaud (Clawz) 7.46 MB 05:26 All-time ranking: 250 | Score: 82% | Rating: Very Good
2009-06-29 Agony - Title Music [Szudi^Implexy RMx] Szudi Tim Wright & Franck Sauer 11.25 MB 06:09 All-time ranking: 414 | Score: 77% | Rating: Very Good
2009-06-29 Ishar 2 - InGame tune 3 [Szudi^Implexy RMx] Szudi Fabrice Hautecloque 4.80 MB 02:38 All-time ranking: 384 | Score: 78% | Rating: Very Good
2009-01-18 Gummisnoppis [Szudi^Implexy RMx] Szudi Tip 5.65 MB 03:05 All-time ranking: 294 | Score: 81% | Rating: Very Good
2009-01-14 Flashback - Holocube [Szudi^Implexy RMx] Szudi Jean Baudlot 6.19 MB 03:23 All-time ranking: 589 | Score: 72% | Rating: Very Good

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